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 2021 Daily Rates

* $195  Beginner Wakeboard or WaterSki Class    

* $75 Intermediate WaterSki or Wakeboard Single Lesson

* $80 Advanced WaterSki Single Lesson

* $225 Hourly Rate

One Hour Private Lake Rental- Boat and Coach /Driver Included

We also offer Group Rates and Daily Lake Rentals…..Call for Details and Pricing


Class Description

 Beginner Water Ski / Wakeboard  Class –$195

If you have never waterskied or wakeboarded or it has been years since you have skied. We make learning as  easy as 1,2,3. We start with getting you outfitted with the proper ski equipment (all equipment is provided) and then begin with on the dock training to teach the basics of a deepwater start.  After you get up, we teach you the proper stance on two skis or the wakeboard and prepare you to learn to cross the wakes.

 Intermediate Wakeboard Single Lesson-$75

For riders who already know how to get up on the wakeboard and want to learn to do tricks. If you can get up and ride with proper form you should be able learn how to start jumping the wakes, riding  switch, and progress to 360’s and graps.

 Intermediate  WaterSki Single  Lesson-$75

For skiers who can get up on two skis and want to improve there skills.  Also for people who want to learn to  slalom or improve there slalom skills on one ski.

Advanced WaterSki Single Lesson-$80

This class is for you if you want tor learn how to run the slalom course. You should already be able to slalom and have no problem getting up on one ski and crossing the wakes. Slalom course training is our specialty. We teach you step by step on how to run the slalom course. If you are already running the slalom course, we give you an analysis of where you are and what steps you need to take to increase your buoy count. You will receive on-the-water and dry-land instruction

Single Ski/ Wakeboard Ride ( no lesson)

For experienced skiers/riders who feel they don’t need coaching, although we encourage each client to get some coaching as it can truly benefit skiers and riders of all skill levels and interest levels. Approximately 20 minutes. –$50 per ride

Hourly Rental – $225

Weekly Overnight Camp with Room And Board- NOT TAKING RESERVATIONS AT THIS TIME.

Our Over night camps are for kids 10 and up.  Activities include Waterskiing, Wakeboarding, Tubing, Paddleboarding, Fishing, Swimming, Volleyball, and Basketball.  We take 8-10 campers per week.  Fun time to be had by all.  Call for available dates.

OPEN 7 days a Week!

We start pulling students at 8 am  and generally finish up around 3-4 pm

RV parking- Parking Spot, Electric and Water – $35 per day


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